-Order Custom Art-

Resolution: 300pi

Aspect Ratio: 3000 x 3000 pixels


Send me an email (below) letting me know what you'd wish the cover art to look like, and what you would like it to incorporate. 


After we settle on what the arts going to be, the starting cost is $10 dollars and I will immediately get started on the artwork. I'll send you the first draft within a few days and the customer can add further input if to get the artwork closer to what they imagined.


Once everything is to your liking, the final $40 dollar fee will go through and I will send you the cover art without any watermarks, and up to the proper resolution.


The default dimensions for the cover art are written above, if you would wish to change something to your specifications (resolution, aspect ratio, format) just let me know when you email and I will adjust.

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